Newark Academy CTF (NACTF) is an online jeopardy-style cybersecurity competition hosted by Newark Academy’s Computer Science Club. Form teams with up to 5 members and win awesome prizes! Teams compete to decrypt, hack, or reverse engineer challenges in topics like cryptography, forensics, and binary exploitation. Participation is open to anyone but prizes are restricted to US middle school and high school students. Register now to get ready for the competition to begin!

General Skills

On Saturday, October 24th, 2020, MetaCTF hosted it’s 6th annual virtual, jeopardy-style CTF! This event was free and open to everyone. Participants could compete in teams of up to 4, with separate scoreboards for students and non-students.

This CTF challenged and encouraged participants to learn new techniques and concepts related to cybersecurity, with problems covering topics such as web exploitation, cryptography, binary exploitation, reverse engineering, forensics, and reconnaissance.


1. You’ve Got a Friend In Me

What is Syskron Security CTF 2020?

The 2020 Syskron Security CTF event is a free online cyber security competition for everyone. This year’s CTF event features an original background story! You act as a cyber security professional, working for a Czech manufacturing company.

We provide 20 challenges focused on industrial security (all levels of difficulty). Most challenges are derived from real-world security problems, so you have fun and learn about actual cyber security!


Downloaded “welcome-letter.pdf” which has the first example flag inside.

A beginner level CTF to get more experience. This was a really good experience for me to see what I’ve learned up to this point, and what I can learn from this CTF.


From 16–17 October, my team Children Of The Quarn participated in Hacktober 2020 CTF. The event was hosted by Cyber Hacktics in support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The event challenges ranged from: OSINT, traffic analysis, web exploitation, cryptography, forensics, Linux, SQL, programming, and steganography. Our team placed 147 out of 1061 while completing 73% of all challenges finishing in the top 13% of this global event.

The Story

DEADFACE is a notorious hacker group made up of largely of hacktivists that target businesses, government, universities, and individuals. While they’re active year-round, they always increase their activity in October with the…


Cybersecurity professional, beginner CTF player, and aspiring penetration tester.

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